Whether you are looking to introduce screen printing into your lesson plan at school, are adding a printing department at your college, or you need a screen printing equipment supplier for your university, Cadisch has got you covered. We stock some of the best screen printing products, tools and equipment being used in schools and colleges all over the UK and provide a range of other services to professional screen printers too. Screen printing supplies from Cadisch are guaranteed to be innovative and of the highest quality, in fact, we have been the main UK distributor for Kiwo for almost 20 years.

- Most Popular Screen Printing Equipment

In our online store, you'll find all the equipment needed to set up a screen printing station at your education facility. We stock NBC Polyester Mesh in a range of mesh thicknesses which offer different quality results when used. We provide a selection of second hand and brand new frames in numerous sizes and then to keep your screen clean after use, we offer a selection of Pregan Antighost and Paste in several sizes and at very competitive prices.

Our squeegee handles come in a variety of widths from 6 up to 18 inches, with an aluminium handle for ease of use and durability. We offer a range of coloured inks by Daler Rowney and AquaArt, with the latter having a sample pack if you are unsure which colour you wish to purchase. The prices of our inks are specific to the colour being purchase but are competitive for school suppliers.

No screen printing supplies cabinet would be complete without plenty of accessories; our store features aluminium coating troughs, laser film by Folex, palette knives and screen brushes.

We also wanted to make things simple for you and created some screen printing kits which include everything your students need to get started on their first project.

- Buying Screen Printing Equipment

If you are looking to restock a small number of supplies then please use our online store system where you can select whether you want the products delivered to you for 8.50 or whether you will pick them up from our depot for free.

For larger orders where you may be restocking or equipping a department please get in touch with our sales team who will be able to advise you accurately on prices for the screen printing tools and equipment you need. You can do so on 0208 492 0444, or you can request a call back at info@cadisch.com.

- Printing Services For Educators

We offer an in-house stretching service using computerised settings and state-of-the-art technology to ensure an accurate stretch on all parts of the frame, and on every single frame, we do. If you cannot find a frame size that you are looking for, we can make you one bespoke and follow your specific requirements. This is particularly handy if you are a school seeking to provide identical equipment to your students.

If you need any help with screen printing or finding the exact supplies you need, please don't hesitate to give us a call and we will assist you in any way that we can.